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Millennium Prevention™ is an innovative, research-driven life sciences company with a public health mission. Our approach offers health promotion and disease prevention at an affordable price. Millennium offers comprehensive web and mobile platforms under the HealthMain trademark. HealthMain provides the first, fully integrated lifestyle framework to control preventable health problems, including overweight and obesity, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

More Than a Traditional Health Assessment and Screening

Millennium leverages more than $30 million in landmark research and decades of clinical, public health and business experience that identified the essentials of prevention. HealthMain’spowerful framework moves health care and public health systems and employers beyond traditional health assessments and biometric screening to offer transformative, evidence-based prevention.

Everything in One Place

HealthMain sets in one place a wealth of evidence-based tools and information, including:

  • A two-page Personalized Lifestyle Profile® that summarizes more than 30 health characteristics and dimensions of consumer behavior
  • A personalized Lifestyle GPS® that defines an individual's needs, such as age, gender and calorie and nutrient requirements, and maps progress toward expert guidelines
  • Systems and tools to monitor and reward success
  • Communication tools that foster dialogue between consumers and their health care advisors
  • The best available print and electronic health and prevention resources

Solutions for Major Client Groups

Millennium's HealthMain serves three major client groups:
  • Health care systems, group practices and their providers and patients
  • Public health systems, their professionals and clients
  • Employers, their health and wellness vendors and employees

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Transformative Insights Set HealthMain Apart

Experts have coalesced around the need for innovations that go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach. HealthMain's individualized approach:

  • Makes personalized, prevention-oriented health care possible
  • Improves provider–patient communications
  • Supports collaborations in prevention and treatment
  • Establishes a "culture of health" throughout our client base

Our research shows that physicians and other health care providers want to focus on prevention and want their clients and patients to take a more active role.

  • HealthMain's web and mobile platforms put consumers in charge of their health.
  • HealthMain facilitates the transformation of health care practice, toward a greater focus on prevention.

Personalized Lifestyle GPS®

Millennium's HealthMain is transformative! The personalized Lifestyle GPS® is customized and unique to each individual's needs and preferences. It:

  • Offers individuals comprehensive insights into their health and lifestyle strengths and risks
  • Provides real and effective solutions to lifestyle management and change

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