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Research has shown that obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and certain cancers can be prevented.

HealthMain subscribers can learn more about these preventable diseases including risk factors and what nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle changes can do to decrease risks. In each section, find:

  • The Basics: Review a brief snapshot of the condition, its causes and risk factors as well as prevention tips.
  • Why Care? Get the latest statistics on the scope, cost and impact of the disease.
  • Reducing Risk: Learn about ways to make personal progress toward decreasing chronic disease risk and steps to improve lifestyle behaviors.
  • Health Professional Details: Access the most current clinical practice guidelines as well as summaries of the latest research on the effects of diet, physical activity and lifestyle.
  • Watch, Listen, Learn: Dig deeper with trusted links to more on the web including podcasts, assessments, videos, downloadable materials and more!

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